As a snow hydrologist, I seek to better understand how much water is in seasonal snowpack, how that snowpack varies with respect to landscapes and climate, and in turn, how snowpack feeds rivers, impacts ecoysystems, interacts with human systems, and influences regional and global climate systems. Mountain snowpack is my main interest, but I am broadly interested in hydrologic and cryospheric systems and processes.

I draw upon remote sensing, process-based modeling, and innovative field measurements to characterize snowpack states and processes. I am particularly interested in how these tools can be leveraged in combination to advance total system understanding and prediction of cold region hydrology. I affirm my training and identity in both earth science and civil engineering, and these motivate me to pursue a novel portfolio of projects that include basic and applied research themes.

Mark Raleigh
Assistant Professor
Geography Program
College of Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences
Oregon State University

Email: raleigma _at_ oregonstate _dot_ edu
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